Monday, September 10, 2007

busy days..

Time just flies past me at warp speed. I can't believe I'm already going into my 4th month of this pregnancy. My two toddlers say more words everyday, and grow taller, and I like to think wiser too. My Malamute puppy now dwarfs my Lab. Suddenly the trees in my street are turning orange and red. And I hear there might be a cold front sweeping through soon - hooray! My pin-up shoot with Viva was postponed until the 23rd, so I'll have my pics up here by the end of the month. Saturday was a crazy day for me. A film crew, reporter and all arrived to interview me on what I've been doing since I left Scotland. They filmed me with my family and took lots of footage of my jewelry, so I hope to sell loads when it airs! This weekend I'm on the road selling my wares at the Queens County Fair, Saturday and Sunday - come see me - mention this blog and get a free Vargas print!

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