Thursday, November 22, 2007

stop... turkey time

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday! We watched the parade this morning - Shrek was fantastic! I finally have a minute to type this as everything is well underway in the kitchen, and my last minute run to the store for chestnuts has happened :) Here's a run down of our feast - in the oven is the big bird itself (now turned breast up following my domestic goddesses instructions ie yay an excuse to post her pic!), and now it's in its last stretch it's covered with bacon . There are mini sausages wrapped in yet more bacon, roasting parsnips and potatoes, chestnuts and stuffing (separate from turkey). On the stove are my brussel sprouts which will be, along with the stuffing, mixed with the roasted chestnuts. There's gravy a plenty with added all spice to give it a festive kick. On the side there will be delicious cranberry sauce. For afters I have some homemade pumpkin pie (not made in my home, I might add!). Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys their dinner, I have to get back to my duties. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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