Saturday, December 8, 2007

I need a nurse

Or a personal assistant, or something. I've had an awful cold all week, dizzyness, constant nosebleeds, all the good stuff. Both my toddlers came down with 104 fevers on Thursday, now my husbands out for the count. On top of that I have swelling, that means I can take off my jeans and within an hour not be able to get them over my knees. My weight goes up and down 5/6 lbs a day, and I feel plain old lousy. We head off to Scotland in a week and a half, so I'm praying now that we are all recovered by then. The last time my daughter had a cold, she ended up in hospital with pneumonia :( The worst thing about being ill and pregnant is that I can't take anything to knock me out at night. So I lay there counting sheep until the daylight comes. I have to sleep with pillows under my legs to keep the fluid from collecting, pillows under the bump to support the baby so my back doesn't ache, and a pillow between my legs to stop my ligaments from pulling. All in all life is not treating me fairly right now.

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