Thursday, August 7, 2008

angels or luck or something...

guardian angel
n : an angel believed to have special affection
for a particular individual

I used to believe I had a guardian angel. When times were tough there would always be a way out, when things felt like they couldn't get any worse, daylight would shine through. A white feather appearing in the strangest of places, always gave me hope that my belief was real. (No thought of course that it could have come from a throw pillow, cushion or duvet!) For years now I've carried a gold angel with a pearl body - hidden in my suitcase whenever I fly. On my keyring there's a single angel wing. I don't know whether I really believe in this anymore, but it certainly makes me more comfortable in my fears. This week has been just plain odd. If ever there was a time when I suspected someone was filming a movie around me without telling me I was the star - this is it. Why can't they just pay me damn it?! Monday - I'm walking down the street and as I cross an avenue, a car comes much to fast and tries to make the turn parallel to me, they are going too fast and so skid sideways straight towards me and my 3 children. They stop about 6 feet from us. I walk very quickly across the rest of the road and almost vomit from fear. Then today, Wednesday (yes I know I'm writing this at almost 1am Thursday :)), I took my son to the Drs and while walking our usual route towards transport home I decide to cross the street then avenue instead of avenue then street. I have no idea why I hesitated, and chose a different path, but I'm sure glad I did. As I crossed the street I noticed a bunch of fire trucks and as I stepped off the pavement to cross the avenue a manhole cover blew up, exploding black smoke and fire and debris right in front of us. We were ushered inside a pizzeria until the smoke cleared, after another couple of loud bangs. Now had I done my usual journey and crossed the avenue then the street - I would have been standing almost on top of that manhole cover. I don't think I'll leave the house tomorrow!

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