Wednesday, August 5, 2009

much to do much ado

I'm crazy busy right now, no excuse for abandoning my blog though! My eldest daughter is staying with me just now, she came over from England 2 weeks ago, and my eldest brother was over so pretty much been sightseeing and keeping her occupied... We're off on a road trip on Saturday - down to Florida, returning to Disney World - the children will LOVE it as usual - I may need a beer at the German part of Epcot to keep the happy happiness going (or 6 ;) ) I have streamlined my store down to my line of Swarovski Jewelry, Hair flowers and bands, and what I have left of my pin-up collection. Launching September 5th with my range of baby and toddler hats - cupcakes and kittens.. new site will be up soon Pretty much havent been working out as much as I should have been so really need to step up to the plate - not literally though! Lots of salads in my future argh.. I'm still doing the Brooklyn Flea at Fort Greene on Saturdays through to Thanksgiving, then hopefully the holiday market after that. Had quite a few sales on the site which has been great, fingers crossed for a prosperous holiday period. As of Saturday 22nd I will be stocking a Scottish artisan jewelers line both online and at the flea - I hope she does well (as it's my cousin!) Really need to invest in a theme and stick to it for my booth though as I feel very higgilty piggilty. Much to think about - much to do.

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