Friday, September 18, 2009


It dawned on me tonight how much I miss being around people who know who I am. I of course don't mean that in a celebretard way. I mean know me inside and out. Know my dark brown hair is my natural color but I started out as a blond baby, as did my brothers kind of way. Know things about what I was like as a child, what I was like, what my family was like, what my village was like. Maybe it's a "coming of age" type thing, but there's a certain comfort in knowing people accept you for who you are even though they have known you since you were knee high to a something or other... My best friend of 28 years (yeah I was teeny when we met - noooo I'm not THAT old!) anyway my best friend of forever is having her first baby, and I miss her. I wish I was a part of that. I spoke to my Grandma the other day and she was talking about the bus situation or lack of and it must be the hundredth time she's told me but I still want all the details - every last one, because I miss it. I miss home. I miss everything about home. Sometimes you want to go - where everybody knows your name - has never been truer.

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