Wednesday, November 25, 2009


to think that being alone on Thanksgiving Eve should mean anything to me, but here I am all lonely and upset. Silly really. What with me being British this isn't a Holiday for me. I think with this being my 6th Thanksgiving here in the States - I'm finally starting to accept it as being a big deal. A time to be with family and loved ones. It is important. So what with my husband still at work now at 9.15pm it gives me a sad feeling inside. I grew up watching Thanksgivings on sitcoms and in movies - it always seemed like such a joyous time full of love and laughter. Maybe my time to enjoy Thanksgiving will come when my children are grown and they're coming home for the Holidays. I look forward to those days. Maybe I'll go watch some cheesy American television - try get my mojo back. Happy Thanksgiving all.

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