Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sleepless in NYC

So here I am officially a Mother of 5, including 4 aged 5 and under! My lovely Oliver was born on the 15th of July. He being the final baby had to come in with a fuss - of course, he's male isn't he? The epidural went wrong, I couldn't move my left side for 4 hours after the birth.. my vitals dropped through the floor, then his, then he came out with the cord tightly wound round his neck not 1 but 4 times (!). On cutting the final piece blood splattered all over the Dr, assistants, my husband myself and the bed. Très dramatique! But he is here, safe and sound, and all is well in the end. I'm starting back at the market next week. Trying to clear out the rubbish and only take what will definitely sell. Tired of dragging round half the basement only to repack it at days end. Also in midst of deciding what I really want to do with my life. Final babies do that you know! I trained in Graphic Design, and worked thereafter in editorial, but left it behind years ago and never really looked back. Not sure what I really want or even like doing anymore. I know I want to pursue acting, but roles are few and far between, and without having family to watch the kids, (I don't want to pay the nanny to look after them for just auditions), it makes it nearly impossible to really have a go at this. Lots to think about. As usual no time to clear my head enough to do that. C'est la vie!