Friday, January 12, 2007

New Year – new questions… Not the “who am I - why am I here” variety, oh no - much more serious than that! More like “what is my signature perfume, and why can’t I find a style of dressing that is me”? Or here’s one – what drink am I? Am I a light beer or a martini?; and why can’t I make up my mind and stick to it long enough to be that me? Tonight I am a light beer, jeans tucked into over the knee boots, black T kind of girl.. But this girl is wearing Chanel No. 5. Doesn’t add up does it? I want to be the chic sassy lady a la Kidman or Monroe for that matter, who slept in this scent… but alas it just isn’t me. So do I go back to Armani, and keep the boots? Do I drink a margarita with that look? I mean really, none of this matters to anyone but me, right? And yet to me it feels like if I can’t even work out what my “look”, drink or scent is, then how do I find myself?… So that takes me back to the who am I question, I thought I wasn’t asking myself. I thought by the time I was heading toward the big 30, I would be a sorted individual. I believed I would have found the look, the drink, the real deal – the real me. I was wrong. I bought Dita’s book today, but only because the “Team” shirts aren’t out yet.

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