Thursday, March 1, 2007

Sometimes I feel so happy about my life that I squeal. Not even just inside, actually out loud. Frightening! I think it’s so important to find happiness in the small things. Things that happen everyday. Like when I see the woodpecker on the tree, or the possum at night. I even got excited about having two raccoons fighting in my garden earlier this week. In the middle of Brooklyn no less! Children are the easiest examples in the pursuit of everyday happiness. The way my 1 yr old daughter’s nose wrinkles when she grins. My 2yr old boy’s “joker” smile, ear to ear. My eldest daughters loud hearty laugh – I glow inside. The way the first extra dark Swiss chocolate truffle just melts, when it touches my tongue, and the fact that despite my addiction to the above I still have a body shaped like a fender. Then there’s the fact that after 3 years of marriage and two babies in two years - my husband still can’t keep his hands off me, not that I’d ever want to stop him. That’s another thing – the feeling of unbridled passion and a love so deep you feel it in every move he makes; every single time I catch a glimpse of him. Just now I am completely absorbed in my boutique. Planning color schemes, furniture, and searching for the perfect things to sell, is just so exciting. All in all, the kind of happiness I have right now gives me that sick feeling in my gut, that drives me on, and no matter what I’m dealt, I can handle it. I believe if everyone looks at the small things and takes pleasure in them, life can be sweeter. Pass it on.

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jimbo said...

Hey Martinelli!! jimbo from manchester here good to know you're all good over there. txt me if you want a chinwag x