Friday, March 14, 2008

the early days

The first few years of a childs life are so full of magic and excitement. I am blessed to share every special moment with my two and three year old. Whether it's my son singing song after song and creating elaborate adventure stories with his trains or my daughter hugging her dolly with her eyes shut as if there were never a love more real, every second is heaven to me. There's no better time for me than early mornings, when they pile into our bed with their various cuddly toys, big hugs and echoes of "morning mummy". I would have thought now that I'm nursing night and day and existing on a few hours of broken sleep, I would be less enthralled in their comings and goings - but somehow it all seems more dreamlike. Having my husband home this week to share these memories has made everything in life seem just right. The first week home with my newborn has me excited for what she'll bring to our family. I am totally in awe of her already, and thankfully her siblings adore her! Holding her tiny body with her knees drawn tight to her stomach and staring at her teeny pudgy face is all I need to remind myself that every ache and pain and the lack of sleep is completely worth it.

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