Thursday, May 22, 2008


My parents left town today. They'd been visiting for my newest arrivals Christening, and stayed a little over a week. I feel devastated. You really don't know how much you miss something until you hold it briefly and once again let go. Why did the weeks up to their arrival go so slowly yet the 8 days here flew at record speed? All the way to the airport my eyes continuously welled up. Yet it wasn't until my Mum was safely out of sight did the tears start streaming. I watched them walk from the car across 3 lanes of parked cars to the entrance and felt that familiar hot flush, then as her auburn hair vanished from sight - I dissolved. They were due to depart at 7.30pm and I just checked the flight tracker only to see they're delayed. So now my thoughts are with them, I wonder how they feel - given more time to mull their departure. The week was mixed with all kinds of emotions. My Father has Parkinson's Disease. Seeing his deterioration since Christmas was heartbreaking. My Mother painted my front door frame, cleaned everything in sight, planted out the garden, cooked at midnight for the Christening, and trailed with me to the hospital when I stood on a rusty nail. Not exactly the relaxing holiday one would usually take, but hey - it's our life. I could never express the love and admiration I have for my Mother. She is everything she should be to everyone in her life times a million. I wish them a safe and comfortable flight home.

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