Monday, May 5, 2008

when hope is gone

I wanted to note an incident that happened to me at the weekend. I won't put a picture and I won't dwell on it. It just saddened me greatly. In the supermarket with my husband and children I was pushing the cart when a young woman, early 20s, walked by yabbering on her cell phone not paying attention to what she was doing and walked into my cart. She muttered "ass" and kept walking. Her son, around 6 yrs old, walking while playing his psp/ds whatever, again not looking where he was going - walked into my cart. He looked me in the eye - and said "I'm sorry" in this sweet little voice. I said "it's ok" and smiled. His Mother, and I use that term loosely, turned to him and said "don't apologize to her, she's got 4 eyes - she can see where she's going". I was wearing my glasses at the time. I was flabbergasted. This is what scares me. Here you have this young child being taught to bully others, to be rude, and to have no consideration for anyone. He's doing his best to be a good boy and this woman is ruining him. If this is an example of the adults of tomorrow, then God help us all.

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