Monday, July 14, 2008


I'm not having a great day, so it was a joy to see this picture of 3 rare white lion cubs, which have been born at a zoo in Germany. Their Mother rejected them, so they are being raised Knut style by keepers. They are just adorable! My husband burst into a large smile when he saw me tonight, saying I looked like a mermaid, which I took as a complement! Must be the large bosom and turquoise dress that did it ;) I still need your flames on

and also make friends with the fabulous burlesque and pin up costume designer Sickgirl Creations on

and vote for me in her blog contest. Speaking of which - sorry to go all "myspace" on you but I got a friends request AND message from none other than Ralph Burch! I nearly squealed, actually between you and me - I did squeal a little :) I've had his pin-ups on my walls for years. I'm starting a run of 4 weeks of shows next weekend, at the Red Hook NY Creates Festival, so I'm busy making jewelry, alongside hair flowers which are selling online amazingly well. We're planning to drive down to Disney World towards Halloween, so that should be fun :) Other than all that I want to be home with my family right now more than ever as I feel compelled to spend time with my Grandmother, my big brothers have eye surgery tomorrow and my youngest brother, is starring in Bard in the Botanics in Glasgow - and this will be the 2nd year I haven't seen him perform. C'est La Vie.

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