Wednesday, January 21, 2009

some warmth on a cold January day

Had to share these two lovely stories - they really warmed my heart :) Affectionately known as Jack Frost, the little lamb, who was abandoned at birth, farmers think due to being born very early on January 1, thinks nothing of wearing an extra woolly layer. The tiny knitted garment, meant for a human baby, fits perfectly and Jack likes nothing more than snuggling up in it during the freezing weather. He is soo cute.

Staff at Besancon Zoo in eastern France have named this newly born Madagascar lemur as Tahina - she is one of only 17 Propithecus coronatus lemurs living in captivity worldwide, and is being cared for by vets, who must feed her around the clock with a tiny syringe filled with a mixture of cat and baby milk. Tahina has also been given a cuddly teddy bear that she can clutch to like she would in the wild with her real mother. Awwww!

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