Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As everyone around me knows - I am as conservative as they come. Some also know that my Dads cousin was the leader of the party in the UK. I was the laughing stock of the ODPM because of that, as I worked there during Blair's rule - but the less said about that the better really! So... I am by NO means jumping on the Obama train just yet. Also, I am Scottish, born and raised so I can hardly say I am a patriot ... However, I felt proud to be an American resident when reading the following - it's an excerpt from one of my favorite journo's Richard Littlejohn:

"For now, we should all wish him well, whatever our political stripe. Gordon Brown likes to protest that the financial meltdown began in America, to cover his own culpability. But, one thing’s for sure, recovery can only begin in America.

Yesterday was a day to admire. Two million people turned out in Washington at the conclusion of a gruelling, open, red-blooded two-year exercise in democracy which saw a black man make history.

It was inspiring, particularly when contrasted with the grubby stitch-up which brought Gordon Brown to office and the contemptible resurrection of the unelected ‘Lord’ Mandelson as his effective deputy.

It reminded us that for all its faults, the United States of America remains the world’s last best hope.

Immaculate, no. Impressive, undoubtedly."

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