Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Have you ever looked up at the sky and imagined what's beyond it? Sometimes I stare above and think wow - we're on a planet, on the face of this round globe and beyond is vast and endless. I look at the moon and am awestruck by the fact it's there, always there, shining on. The stars are like magical fairies flickering away. And they are trillions of miles away. I also think what's beneath me, not the hardwood floors or the grass. Below that. The earth. The core. I often ponder on the size of the oceans. I think what it would be like if you scooped all the water out and how big the Atlantic really is. There are millions upon millions of people who go about their everyday lives, and they never in their whole life stop to think of anything other than the daily grind. They don't see the bigger picture. And I feel sorry for them. Because as much as the thought of these things scare me, they also enthrall me with their possibilities and mysteries.

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