Friday, May 4, 2007

I read today that a new company has released a test to determine the sex of a baby just 6 weeks into the pregnancy. There's been another company doing this test for years, so I don't know why this is headline, but hey.. I also read the many objections to this, based on a worry that people will abort based on the baby being a boy or a girl. While I understand that concern, I think it's fantastic that this kind of science is available to regular Joes in the comfort of their own home. We'll be having another one soon, and I am all for dropping $250 to find out! For me finding out the sex was the highlight of my pregnancies. I am terrible at waiting for anything and love to get excited about names, new baby clothes and playing out how that baby will interact with our existing children. Today I wish all the luck in the world to Byron and Lincoln Ryman born eleven weeks premature. Although they were born within a minute of each other, firstborn Byron weighed 3lb 6oz and Lincoln weighed only 1lb 2oz. Yesterday the pair, who are now just over five weeks old, were doing well, thanks to the wonderful staff at the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney. The Daily Mail in the UK has the story and the truly amazing pics. I also want to send my prayers for the safe return of little Madeleine McCann, a British girl aged 3 who is feared kidnapped from a holiday complex in Portugal. If you've read the story you'll know that the parents left her and her younger twin siblings alone in their bedroom while they ate at the restaurant on the complex. While I think the parents were crazy for doing that, I don't wish losing a child on anyone.

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