Thursday, August 16, 2007

August in NYC

I wish there were more air. August in NY - who'd have it?! I know it's not so long before Fall rolls in, so I can just about hold out until then. I'm going to most likely be on a local television show back home. My Granma loves the show, so I'm sure she'll get a kick out of it. The reporter will follow me around on my daily life here in NY, as an ex-pat. I'll have to start doing interesting things immediately, so my friends back home think "wow what an interesting life she has now" - haha. I was never voted most likely to succeed in school, we don't have that kind of thing in rural Scotland. But I always promised everyone I would get out and see the world, which I have, so all is calm. I'm almost finished designing my new shop site. Just a few more pages to go, then my wonderful husband has to put everything up, yay for having a computer whiz in my bed. I'm rescheduling my pin-up shoot to mid September, so my other site won't be up til October. Hey, at least I can think on, that when that's finally done the cold might actually have returned to the City - what a lovely thought!

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