Thursday, June 7, 2007

I lasted three whole days haha.. I miss running (no energy). Looking after 2 toddlers is just too much on this food free fiasco! I will stick to the traditional exercise and moderation in what I eat thank you very much. Oh and the dizzyness, I fainted once and almost 2 other times, so alas this fast is not for me. I just started a new myspace page for my pin-up modelling - look out for belle bramble - and I found a great photographer who specializes in retro pics so all is looking bright. And I can eat a proper meal again - yay!


SaturnJune said...

I've just visited your myspace page... nice! I've always liked those old pin ups. I reallly think it's great you're doing this. Anyway, good luck... and... bon ap├ętit.

bramble said...

thank you! I will post the pics here from my photoshoot in August, it's all very exciting!