Sunday, June 3, 2007

Why must there be an answer for everything? Why must everyone be classed as something other than plain ordinary. When I lived in Los Angeles, I couldn't believe how many people would tell me they were in anger management class, in Alcohol Anons or had a therapist to "handle childhood issues". When they went deeper into explaining the need for a therapist, turned out it was their therapist who decided they had childhood issues, they were blissfully unaware of this until their first session. After my cousin hung himself following years of drug addiction I did feel that serious things needed to be handled correctly - but why can't we handle the little things ourselves anymore? It seems half of young Hollywood is in Rehab, then they come out and they're back to their old ways, so what was the point? I read recently that child molestors and rapists are being classed as sex addicts. Whaa?! Why on earth do we need to class the creeps as anything other than in need of a bullet in the brain. I love sex, and all that goes with it, does that make me a sex addict too? Who was it.. Michael Douglas, I think, famously admitted he was a sex addict. Hang on, he is or was a hot actor living the life of Riley in LA, why can't he just be a cad, a cat, one of the guys? I am a hot headed Scot, with a big mouth to go with it, do I need anger management? Do I hell. Rant over.

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