Thursday, January 31, 2008

30s in the 00s

According to a British survey, women in their 30s have ditched the Sex in the City lifestyle in favor of a more home based one. When asked whose lifestyle they most envied, domestic goddess Nigella Lawson came on top. Only 1 percent said work was the most important thing in their life. It states that 59 per cent would rather work part-time and 36 per cent would like to be "a full-time mum". This compares to a decade ago when they worked long hours rarely stopping for lunch and threw themselves into evening and weekend partying. The idea of babies and having a nice home were far from their minds. I have friends who are full time mothers and I have friends who, like me run their businesses from home. I must say for me being able to be home with the children and work while I do that is the ideal solution. It would be heartbreaking for us as a family to not only have my husband working out fo the home all day long, but also to have me be away from them. I can't imagine what makes women want to return to work within a few weeks/months of giving birth, sticking their little children in day cares for others to raise, quite often with awful consequence. Many of these places just have one person for 10 or more children, it's no wonder these children often end up attention seeking and causing trouble. In my opinion if one of the couple can't afford to be home to look after the child for the first few years, they should wait to have children. Obviously it's different if the marriage breaks down, and the then single Mother or Father has no choice but to work. But in this day and age, of computers and such, it is possible for a Mother to somewhat continue her career at home, while being with her babies. Yes there are some careers that are impossible to maintain while at home, but we as parents need to adapt and survive in order to give our children the best of the best. And by doing this we will create a better future for all.

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