Monday, January 28, 2008

a warning for men...

I am not alone in my views. I know many women who are just like me, and will follow the same paths I do. It's who we are. It's what we are. You see, I believe in love. Not just love for the sake of love, but the pure, undying kind of love you see in the movies, and read about in history books. For this reason I will never have an affair. Don't get me wrong - lust is my life. But it can't be on it's own - there has to be love behind it. The true love-lust gives you butterflies every time you kiss that "one" special person. I know friends who married because they'd been together so long that it felt like the next step - the only step they could take. That isn't me. This is, remember, my second marriage - for very good reasons. I won't have affairs to satisfy my need - but I will jump, faster than you can say "bags packed?" I am not afraid of thunder. No one has dumped me since high school. I have been the dumper. And always, because I need the best of the best. I will not settle. You see we are the women who fly like eagles until we meet our fellow swans.

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