Friday, January 25, 2008

the end of a sad week

I wanted to post this excerpt from the death notice Heath Ledgers Father published in the West Australian Newspaper, because when I read it I cried.

"My beautiful boy, so loving, so talented, so independent, so caring, so young . . . no more chess games mate . . . this is it, couldn't beat you anyway! My body aches for the sound of your voice, our chats, our laughs and our life and times together."

I can't imagine losing my son. His due date was the 22nd January, the same day Ledger died, 3 years on. You aren't meant to bury your children. My heart goes out to the families of all who have lost sons and daughters. Family for me is the most important thing. As I get older, and slightly wiser, I realize this more and more. Every time I leave Scotland it gets harder to say goodbye to my family, my Mother and especially my Grandmother. I am so close to my 3 brothers, we can read each other without speaking. Maybe Heath Ledgers death is harsher for me because my cousin hung himself just a few years ago. He was around the same age, and had a daughter around the same age as Ledgers. He lived much of his life in Perth where Heath was born and raised, and he died there. Please God I wish the damned media would back the hell away from Ledgers. Seeing the funeral parlor on the news tonight surrounded by paparazzi was soul destroying. Even more so was seeing pictures of his body being taken from the apartment and watching his ex-fiancee arrival back to her Brooklyn home carrying their 2 yr old child. We, should never witness things like that. It's not our news. It's their personal and very private business. Let them grieve in peace for heavens sake.

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