Monday, January 14, 2008


So tonight Fish the second passed away. We had him 4 days. To some people a fish is, well a fish. To me when any heart stops beating the world should stand still - even if just for a second. So as I scooped him up in an old Winnie the Pooh beaker, I sang a sad goodbye song, and flushed him back from whence he came. Now I have a Coldplay song running through my head, especially the lyrics "the light will guide you home". You see Fish IIs death makes me think of death in general. While resting my weary legs I watched some evening fodder. Runs House was on. It brought me to thinking about their baby, who died shortly after birth when she was born with her vital organs on the outside. I wonder how people can ever come to terms with tragedy like that. And more so, to have Rev. Run go on to be the strong inspirational man he is. I think with loss comes reasoning, if that makes sense. I think it brings you to look at things differently. Things are put in perspective. I hope I never have to deal with the same level of pain they endured, but if I do I hope I can grow from it and be wiser in the end.

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