Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I barely have the energy to get dressed anymore. Gosh the last weeks drag. I have hours when I feel motivated to get on with things around the house, then longer hours where I just want to sleep, but can't because of the other children needing me. Then there are feelings of excitement that the baby's nearly here, and planning things like window displays and packaging for my new boutique, followed by periods of darkness where every inch of my body aches and I can't breathe because the baby's head's in my ribs. It's awful not having family here to help - I really miss my Mother at this point. I detest this stage of pregnancy. What makes it worse is getting the emails from the baby firms that say get your rest now, because in a few weeks you'll get no sleep for months. Somewhat ironic seen as I am spending all night every night awake - tossing and turning to try to get in a position where I can breathe and bits of me don't hurt. Le sigh...

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